The Coffee Chronicles

You might be thinking that the word ‘chronicles’ is quite a weighty one to refer to something as everyday as a hot beverage. However, those of you who really like (or are addicted to) coffee will know: coffee is not just your average beverage.

It’s qualities are magical, if a little scary. It’s ability to transform me from a moaning, lethargic headache (I’m paraphrasing my girlfriend here) into a human being is quite incredible. I can get through a day or maybe two without a cup, but I’m not particularly enjoyable to be around.

And so, coffee is my ‘treat’. SE Asia is awash with cafés, both chains and independents. It’s impossible to walk anywhere without being tempted by an iced cappuccino, a hot americano or  a bag of strong, sweet coffee from the market.

But a good coffee from a nice little cafe comes at a price. And my ‘treat’ has become more of a habit. An expensive one. So, now that we’re based in Luang Prabang and on a tighter budget, in the interests (and necessity) of saving money, I foolishly pledged to only buy one coffee a week. The rest of the time I would exist… on instant coffee.

It’s been four days now, and, in preparation for my first proper coffee of the week, I’ve been reading the menu of every cafe in Luang Prabang.

Roll on Friday.


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