Coffee Chronicles: Dexter Cafe

I’d cycled past the black and white fronted café a few times, and had stopped to study the menu for a good ten minutes on one occasion. Their international coffee page intrigued me… particularly the Finnish speciality which involved coffee with chunks of mozzarella in. I don’t know if that’s honestly what Finnish people drink but it got me interested.

So, last week I decided to splash out and headed to Dexter Café for a morning of indulgence and, potentially, cheese-infused coffee.

The smell of espresso and condensed milk envelops you as you walk in, and the open space is tastefully and simply decorated.


The coffee menu is extensive with all the usual espresso-based favourites, but I was there for the coffees of the world… I struggled to choose between the German, Aussie and Hong Kong specialities. And then, of course, there was the Finnish coffee with steamed milk and mozzarella. I was tempted. I asked the waitress to help me decide and she couldn’t conceal her distaste when I asked about it. Her nose turned up like she’d smelt something bad and I genuinely thought she’d vomited in her own mouth for a moment. I was still tempted. She recommended the Korean coffee with Oreos. Weighing up this incredibly difficult and meaningful decision for a couple of minutes more, I decided to cool off in the 34 degree heat with the Yuan Yeng, a Hong Kong iced coffee with condensed milk and English breakfast tea.

Even as the waitress walked away with my order I debated whether to call her back and change it to the cheese coffee, but I resisted.

My iced coffee came with a bottle of sugar syrup on the side (which I liked because I could then control how sweet to have it) and it was delicious and refreshing. But to be honest, I couldn’t really taste the English breakfast tea (not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing), and I would’ve been just as content with a sweet, condensed milk coffee off the street for a third of the price.

I guess the cost paid for the attentive staff and lovely surroundings, which I enjoyed for much of the morning, writing, reading, eavesdropping and people watching, so I didn’t feel disappointed. I will go back to Dexters for more coffee, but next time I’m ordering the cheese one.


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