Top 5 Cafés: Oxford

Yet again I’ve been day-dreaming about coffees of the past whilst sipping my sugary sachet of Dao coffee… This time I was thinking about the coffee shops I used to go to in my previous home of Oxford.

1. Mostro Coffee
This was my favourite café in Oxford.  It’s a tiny sliver of heaven inside the Truck Store, a great independent music shop on Cowley Road. The baristas here take great pride in what they do, and know their coffee – I once overheard a conversation between the owner and a new barista and the depth of the owner’s knowledge combined with his passion for what he was doing made me so happy. Because it’s so small it feels very intimate and friendly. A great place to study or read or, with it’s great location on the corner of Cowley and Rectory Road, sit and people watch.

2. The Grand Café
This place is indeed grand. And so are the prices. Hence I’ve only ever been once. But the coffee I had there was incredible. I had a cafetiere of Old Goverment Java (that is how it’s spelt on the menu by the way) but I want to know if the 100% Blue Mountain Jamaica is worth the £9.95… If you can afford it, let me know.

3. Café Crisis at The Old Fire Station
Ok, so the coffee here isn’t out of this world but it’s decent and cheap. The fry-up for a fiver also makes the coffee taste better! Huge portions of deliciousness served up by Crisis Skylight members who are getting on-the-job training.

4. Jacobs & Field
A lovely cafe that seems to be eternally popular with Headington residents. If you can get a table order a cappuccino and, depending on how hungry you are, either a slab of their warm banana bread or their full English. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Taylors
A small deli on the High Street selling decent coffee and tempting looking cakes…. Obviously being the cheapskate that I am, I’ve never purchased one of their cakes. Instead I wait until after 2pm when they give away cookies with every hot drink, then stroll around Christchurch Meadow, smug and happy.


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